Q. Who is the Iora skincare range suitable for?

The skincare range is suitable for young teens and adults who experience the occasional spot or acne problems. Also for anyone who wishes to maintain a blemish free skin with Normal, Combination, Combination/Dry, Dry, Sensitive, Oily and Acne prone skin. Not suitable for very dry skin.


Q. Why is it called the three step skincare plus treatment and not four step skincare?

When your skin is balanced and under control you will only need to use the three step system to CLEANSE, TONE and MOISTURISE to maintain a healthy skin and prevent blemishes from occurring.

The TREATMENT is applied when required for the occasional spot or more frequently for acne sufferers.


Q. What makes Iora Naturals ingredients so special?

Iora Naturals use a natural organic combination of ingredients that are successful in treating blemishes and renowned for their high potency and effectiveness to kill acne bacteria, unclog pores, exfoliate, balance and gently repair the health of the skin.


Q. Why do I need to cleanse twice a day if I don’t wear make-up? 

The right cleanser will use more than detergent to lift dirt, it’s a great opportunity to gently massage congested skin, opening the pores to potent, deep cleaning actives; returning healthy balance to stressed skin. Cleansing with Active Gel Cleanser will ease away dead skin cells, perspiration and excess oil which clog pore openings and the skin’s functions.


Q. What does a toner do? Do I really need it?

Toning is important to maintain, healthy blemish free skin. After cleansing, pores should be firmed and tightened using Iora Naturals Pore Refining Toner. This stops oil build up and debris entrapment throughout that day and helps to refresh and soothe the skin, leaving the pores free from oil and germs that can cause blemishes.


Q. Why do I need to use a moisturiser?

Using the right moisturiser for your skin is important. Without moisture, the skin is flat, dry and stressed. By balancing natural moisture therapy with soothing emollients and the right potent botanicals, the skin is nurtured into recovery for restoration of a smooth, natural and healthy glow.


Q. My skin feels oily when I use a moisturizer do I really need to use one?

If your skin is feeling oily after applying a moisturizer you may be using too much of the product on your skin or you are using the incorrect moisturizer for your skin. Iora naturals Moisture Balance is packed with botanical emollients to restore moisture and return smoothness without feeling oily.


Q. Will your treatment product, Spot Control dry the skin out around my pimples?

Iora Naturals Spot Control is a targeted treatment of blemishes using a potent, balanced antibacterial lotion to help redress imperfections without stressing and drying out normal, healthy skin. Licorice, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense contain powerful antioxidant polyphenols that assist in detox and renewal. The anti-irritant and antibacterial effects of Tea Tree are enveloped in the soothing effects of Aloe, Calendula and White WillowBark for enhanced skin nurturing.


Q. Is the Iora Naturals packaging recyclable?

The Iora Naturals skincare packaging is recyclable and also biodegradable.


Q. Is the Iora Naturals range tested on animals?

Iora Naturals do not test on animals or include any animal by-products in their ingredients. Iora naturals is 100% Vegan.


Q. Are there any unnatural synthetic ingredients in the Iora naturals skincare range?

Iora naturals is 100% naturally derived and is Australian Certified Organic.


Q. Where are the Iora naturals products made?

Iora naturals is Proudly Australian made and owned.