What Skin Type Are you?

What Skin Type Are you?


Finally, truly natural ingredients to target blemishes and maintain clear skin naturally.

We have created a range of natural products that are gentle on the skin, show results after the first treatment and reduce skin congestion over time.

What skin type are you?

If you have BLEMISHED SKIN/ACNE you will notice;

  • Oily shine all over
  • Enlarged pores all over
  • Pimples. Clusters of pimples
  • Annoying blinders
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Red in color because of congestion

The blemished skin problem is an over-abundance of oil in the pores and on the skin’s surface.

Our 3 Step Skincare + Treatment is perfect for this skin type and will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh not congested, oily and irritated.

If you have OILY SKIN you will notice;

  • Open Pores
  • Prone to blackheads and whiteheads
  • Oily shine all over
  • An odd pimple can occur every now and then. Pimples are not widespread
  • Sallow in color (yellow tone)

The Oily skin problem is troubled with excessive oil all over the face but can be relatively clear skin. The plus side of having this skin type is that it is less susceptible to aging.

The 3 Step Care + Treatment will clean and clear congested pores and balance your skin whilst maintaining a clear complexion.

If you have COMBINATION SKIN you will notice;

  • Oily forehead, sometimes just the center
  • Oily nose and its sides, oily chin
  • Prone to blackheads and whiteheads
  • An odd pimple can occur
  • No enlarged pores on the sides of the face with a finer texture
  • If it is Normal/Combination skin it will be soft and smooth
  • If it is Dry/Combination the skin may show signs of flakiness
  • Fine lines will make their appearance particularly around the eye area 

 A combination skin combines two skin types on the one face.

The 3 Step Skincare + Treatment is ideal for the exfoliating action of the Active Gel Cleanser and Pore Refining Toner to take care of congested pores or flakiness and finish up with moisture balance to maintain a blemish free skin.

If you have NORMAL SKIN you will notice;

  • No enlarged pores or excess oil. A fine texture with firm contours.
  • Healthy Luster. Little more oil than moisture, keeping the skin flexible but not excessive
  • Fine lines may appear around the eyes.

A normal skin type is the one everyone wants and is associated with younger women or men. Never a blemish of any kind. Not too oily or too dry.

Iora naturals three-step system will help maintain your well-balanced skin naturally.

If you have a DRY SKIN you will notice;

  • A fine flaky skin due to the accumulation of dead cells
  • A dull matt look due to dead cells
  • Premature lines appearing around the eyes 
  • A taut look across the cheekbones

A dry skin is prone to premature formation of fine lines and wrinkles. A dry skin has under-active oil glands and is vulnerable to dehydration.

If you have a Dry or Dry/Combination skin your skin will love the gentle exfoliating action of the active gel cleanser and pore refining toner to clear away dead cells. Finish up with moisture balance to balance your skin to health.

If your skin is SENSITIVE you will notice;

  • Broken capillaries
  • The skin flushes easily
  • Blotched red appearance on the face and neck that increases with excitement or tension.

Sensitive skin is not an actual skin type, but it does mean that your blemishes can be more noticeable. You can have an oily/sensitive skin, a dry/sensitive skin, a combination sensitive skin. The importance of this skin condition is to understand what you are sensitive to. You may be sensitive to chemicals that are found in unnatural skincare products or your skin may have become sensitive from using the wrong products on your skin.

If you are sensitive to the nasties in unnatural products your skin will benefit from using the Iora Naturals skincare regime. If you know you are sensitive to a particular natural ingredient, please check the ingredients list on the products page.





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